Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Instruction - using labels

Always use labels for your posts, that way they can be found again.
 For example here is a link to all posts with the label 'instruction'.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Instruction - how to join

Can you please email us your email address' and we will join you to the blog so that you guys can post regally. We will make you an author once the email has been sent.
  1. Email the address to or  
  2. We will then join you to the Kids Teaching Kids Blog
We are glad you made the conference. We had lots of fun teaching you blogger and Google Docs. We look forward to seeing your posts.
Good luck with Blogger and Google Docs.

Fendalton School

Instruction - online poll

Hi guys, it's Rob here. I'm going to make an online poll for your KtK blog, which I'd like Elise and Daniel help you to change.

The poll is for your favourite workshop at the conference.

Teaching kids to add a photo

Harrison Hall

Heres some photos of us,

Some Of the photos that mr Clarke took during the video conference

This is a picture of Cassie useing blogger.


Hello, i am from Lake Boga Primary School.